An American multinational company called Broadcom Inc. creates, develops, produces, and exports a vast array of semiconductor and infrastructure software products. The data center, networking, software, internet, wireless, storage, and industrial industries are all served by Broadcom’s product line. About 78 percent of Broadcom’s income came from semiconductor-based products as of 2022, while 22 percent came from the company’s infrastructure software goods and services.

Broadcom has a lengthy history of business deals (or attempted deals) with other well-known companies, mostly in the high-technology sector. The European Union filed an interim antitrust injunction against Broadcom in October 2019 due to suspected anticompetitive business practices that breach EU competition legislation.

The company’s dedication to innovation is one of Broadcom’s main advantages. To keep ahead of the curve in the quick-paced IT sector, the corporation makes significant investments in research and development. The creation of new goods and services in a range of industries, including healthcare, the automobile industry, and telecommunications, has benefited greatly from Broadcom’s breakthroughs.

Additionally, Broadcom has had great success growing its client base. Some of the top businesses in the world, like Apple, Cisco, and Samsung, employ the company’s products and solutions. This wide range of clients has aided in shielding Broadcom from the ups and downs of any one industry.

General Information:  

Avgo’s price has since risen from a low of $610.50 and is now constrained to a zone of stabilization between $840 and $788. Due to its multi-billion dollar agreement with Apple, Broadcom’s stock price was in a strong upward trend before the release of the second quarter report. The quarterly report’s release had no impact on the price. After the upward movement, the price moved into a region of consolidation.


Earnings are expected to increase by 8.02% annually.

Earnings increased by 57.4% in the previous year.

2.17% in a dependable dividend

Risk evaluation:

has a significant debt load

Insiders have sold a lot in the last three months.

Diluting shareholders throughout the previous year.

Technical Analysis:  

AVGO Technical Analysis

There is a strong likelihood that the price will drop toward the $700 level if bears can successfully breach the recently constructed support of $788. On the other side, there is a chance that the price will fill the top wick of the May 30 candle if it can break through and close above the $840 resistance level. This action led to an increase of around 9.57%. Broadcom has reached a new record high price of $921.78.

The price of Avgo trades above the 20, 50, 100, and 200-day EMAs, indicating bullish momentum.  The market is strongly bullish, as shown by the market’s 0.08 Chaikin money flow score. The RSI is overbought, indicating a possibility of a market reversal or brief drop. 

The price must break through the recent support if there is a reversal for it to retrace toward the $700 level. The Bollinger upper band has been achieved by the avgo price, indicating a potential retreat.

Technical levels

Major support: $788 and $700

Major resistance: $921.78 and $840 


  • The closing price of Broadcom was $802.30, down -1.19% from the previous trading session.
  • The 20, 50, 100, and 200-day EMAs were all above the Avgo price.
  • AVGO has returned 42% so far this year.


The projected price of Broadcom stock for the next 30 days is based on the positive and negative trends over the previous 30 days. AVGO stock’s price is expected to decrease by -0.52% tomorrow and increase by 12.24% over the course of the next seven days based on the present trend.

It is beneficial to also look at the price history of Broadcom to have a better picture of what could happen to the AVGO stock price in the future. The AVGO/USD pair has gained 6.05% during the past month. The AVGO/USD performance over the past year is 78.81%. In the past year, Broadcom stock outperformed both Ethereum and Bitcoin by 13.98% and 21.17%, respectively.

Our 2025 stock forecast for Broadcom indicates that the price of AVGO will be $1,504.38. The stock’s ten-year average growth is the foundation for this estimate.


The price of Avgo is now in a consolidation zone, despite the fact that the market structure and price action are still optimistic. Regarding the price’s direction, there isn’t much evidence. 

Technical indicators like the RSI and Bollinger bands are encouraging the possibility of a brief retracement that ends with the price breaking the recent support level of $788. The company’s earnings report turned out to be favorable, although it had little impact on the price. 

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