• The CMP for Curve (BINANCE: CRV) is trading at $0.790  with a decline of -2.5% resulting in a Market Cap of $690,075,853.
  • The Curve (CRV) price is trading below the 20-day, 50-day, and 100-day EMA levels.
  • According to Curve (CRV)’s price analysis, the 24-hour volume is $690,075,853 with a decrease of -25.08%.

Curve (BINANCE: CRV)’s price analysis reveals that the price of the Curve Coin is in downtrend momentum and the price is forming a low high.

 The price of Curve (BINANCE: CRV) made a swing high of $6.98 in January 2022 and immediately after this price changed its momentum and started falling. The price fell by almost 92% in just 6 months. This was one of the massive falls faced by the Curve (CRV) coin.

Immediately after this fall, the price took support at $0.38 and the price reversed from this level. The price of Curve tried to rise but it faced resistance at the $1.43 level. 

Currently, the price of the Curve (CRV) is moving in a parallel channel pattern. The price has been consolidating between a range of $0.38-$1.43 over the last thirteen months. The price tried to break the resistance multiple times but it failed. This result is price accumulation in between the range.

The Curve (CRV) price structure appears to be weak in the weekly timeframe. The price is likely to fall as overall sentiments are favoring the negative momentum. The volume seems to decline by a huge amount. This resulted in a price fall in the upcoming days.

Curve (BINANCE: CRV) Price Analysis

Curve Price Analysis

Source: CRV/USD.1D.BITSTAMP by TradingView


The Curve (BINANCE: CRV) coin price is currently trading below the 20-day, 50-day, and 200-day EMAs on a weekly period, suggesting potential price weakness and the potential for a future decrease.


The MACD line for the Curve (BINANCE: CRV) coin is currently below the signal line on a weekly period, presenting a bearish signal and pointing to a likely price decrease in the next few days. The development of a red histogram is another indicator that a price decline may be imminent. 


The Simple Moving Average (SMA) line for Curve (CRV) is currently positioned below the RSI line, suggesting the possibility of more price declines in the future.


The Curve (CRV) price prediction has shown a negative structure, with the price currently trading below the EMA level. Indicators like RSI and MACD are additionally displaying symptoms of negative momentum. The considerable drop in volume also points to a possible downtrend in consumer interest. Given these elements, it is likely that the price of the CRV will continue to fall in the near future.

Technical Levels

  • Support – The current support level of the Curve coin is $0.38.
  • Resistance -The current resistance level of the Curve coin is $1.43.


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