• LSK is the native utility token of the Lisk blockchain and performs a variety of action one need an LSK token
  • Lisk SDK is fully written in JavaScript

Lisk (LSK)

Lisk provides a variety of services, Lisk is a blockchain development application platform, provides a gateway for blockchain and web 3, and has set the industry standard for JavaScript Blockchain. The native utility token of Lisk is LSK. Lisk is also a cryptocurrency. Developers can use it to develop blockchain applications in JavaScript.

Lisk’s aim is to bring more developers to the blockchain network and have more decentralized applications in the future of cryptocurrency. It is trying to attract more-and-more talent in the blockchain ecosystem where everyone can benefit from decentralized technology.

Lisk empowers the developer to develop interoperable solutions, with its software development kit(SDK). LSK is the utility token of Lisk, to perform a variety of actions on the Lisk blockchain such as send or receive and to vote for one’s favorite delegator one should have LSK Token.

Liisk was founded in 2016 by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows. The current president, Max Kordek, handles the company’s strategy and business operation and the current vice president is Oliver Beddows.   

Unique about Lisk

Accessibility – 

Lisk wants everyone in the world to have access to crypto and Web 3 and not the few percent of people who have the technical knowledge or are the sharp minds of the world. Accessibility is part of Lisk’s vision.

Proven & Established – 

Lisk is one of the oldest crypto projects which is currently in existence with a number of developers working on it and making the project, the highest development activity and funding which can last for many years.

Application-specific chains 

Many developers are creating their own blockchain application and implementing it on their own blockchain with the help of Lisk instead of relying on smart contracts, this prevents the issue of scalability and high fees

Javascript The Lisk SDK is fully written in JavaScript which enables it to tap the biggest pool of developers globally. So instead of using any unproven or archaic or niche programming language developers can use Lisk SDK which is totally written in JavaScript.

How is the Lisk network secured? 

The Lisk network is secured because it uses a highly efficient Delegated Proof-of-Stake (PoF) consensus algorithm and finality guaranteeing BFT protocol. World-class development standards and test coverage rules and regulation at Lisk ensures the seamless operation of the platform since its commencement. Then the regular third-party audit builds more trust in it.   

Current status of Lisk 

At the time of the commencement, Lisk issued 100 million LSK, an initial coin offer (ICO), at a market value of $5.8 million, and after six years, in Feb 2022 there were around 140 million LSK in the market, having a market valuation of $240 million, almost 40 times of its initial coin offering. currently, the market cap of the company is $108 million and currently circulating LSK in the market is 128 million and the total supply in the market is close to 145 million. According to coin market cap, LSK ranking is 192nd   

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