Monero Casino: Everything You Should Know as a Gambler

  • Monero Casinos are the new trend in online casino gambling
  • These casinos are legal in nature offering anonymous payment options like Monero
  • You should know about them as they can be used for entertainment purposes 

Monero Casino is nothing but the casino platform which accepts Monero in a payment mode. Monero is a cryptocurrency which has a unique privacy feature and is untraceable. It is accepted as a payment mode because it makes the whole payment process untraceable, anonymous, and safe. However, this is just the introduction to get the context about what monero casino is.

In this blog, we will get to know how monero casinos platforms work, how to use them,  and most importantly how to deposit and withdraw monero on them. To know about it, continue reading the article. 

How Monero Casino Platforms Work?

Monero casino platforms work in the same way as the other online application works on mobile or desktop. These platforms require the users to register on the website and make an account. When you sign in or log in on the platform or website an automatic username is generated.

After getting this username, you have to create a unique password so as to secure your private details. This is all the process of registering and making the account on the platform. Once you get registered, you can deposit funds and start playing the online casino. Also, you can withdraw the amount by fulfilling the betting requirements. 

How To Use or Start Playing Monero Casino?

As we know how these casino works, let’s move on to how to start playing the game from the beginner’s approach:

1. Buying Monero Online

To play the Monero Casino, one should have to first buy the monero token from an online exchange. For this, you have to create a crypto wallet in an online crypto exchange. Once you have created a crypto wallet, you can buy the monero token and keep it securely in a crypto wallet. 

2. Choosing a Monero Casino Platform

Once you have purchased the Monero token, now it’s time to choose a trusted and reputed platform to play the casino. The one thing you kept in mind while choosing the platform is that it should have Monero as a payment option. If it doesn’t then you should not choose it. Moreover, you should also check reputation, privacy features, and customer support as well. 

3. Register Account

After choosing the Platform, you should have to register in that platform to access their services. For this, you have to create your username and a unique password. After registering, you can deposit monero into your casino wallet. And, you can also withdraw from it. 

How To Deposit and Withdraw in Monero Casino Gambling Sites? 

As we know how to use these platforms, let’s know how to deposit and withdraw Monero from these platforms from a beginner’s approach.

Steps for Depositing Monero:

  • There is a deposit section which displays on the interface of the platform
  • After clicking the deposit section choose XMR. (XMR is the ticker of monero)
  • Enter the amount in fiat currency format, as the platform will convert it automatically into equivalent XMR value.
  • The website will ask you to validate the transaction from your Monero wallet
  • The transaction will be completed after a few minutes, and you are ready to make deposits within the casino account.

Steps for Withdrawing Monero:

  •  To withdraw, you first log into your casino account.
  • The withdrawal  section will appear in the interface of the platform.
  • Select “XMR” as your preferred currency 
  • Enter the information the platform will ask regarding your Monero wallet.
  • Once the information is validated, your fiat currency will be displayed in the equivalent of XMR value. 

These all are the steps you should perform in order to deposit and withdraw funds in the monero casino platforms.

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