Sandbox vs Decentraland: Comparison Between Top Metaverses

  • Sandbox has 1,60,000 plots whereas, Decentraland has only 90,000
  • Both have their currency called SAND and MANA

Since the world is gradually shifting towards Web 3.0, many companies have started to give their contribution to the world in some or other way. Some are developing NFTs, some are crypto, and others are working on building a metaverse. Metaverse is the most important aspect of Web 3 because it is the place where currencies and all other Web 3 technologies will be used.

Hence in this article, we will provide a comparison between the top 2 metaverse development companies. First, we will start with details about these companies and conclude with a detailed comparison between the two.

Sandbox Metaverse

This metaverse is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is a decentralized gaming metaverse. Sandbox is unique in itself because it provides non-techy users to buy, sell and create their NFTs. Sandbox has its token by which users can purchase lands and other digital assets. Sandbox also provides users the opportunity to purchase land in its metaverse. All users need to create an account on OpenSea, Rarible, or Binance and can directly purchase land in this metaverse.

Sandbox also allows creators to create their avatar which they will be able to use in the sandbox metaverse. These avatars are highly customizable and hence creators can change their appearance. This company was created by Arthur Madrid and Sebastein Borget in the year 2012. Initially, the company started functioning as a mobile game developer. But as the platform gained more and more popularity, They also started focusing on building a metaverse.


Decentraland is a digital world built on the Ethereum blockchain. As on other metaverses, users can create and trade their digital assets but the special advantage that decentral provides is that users can also socialize and engage in social activities in the metaverse.

Users can do all these things using the built-in digital currency of the decentral called MANA cryptocurrency. Not only this, but users can also attend virtual events in decentral and. Interacting with others increases user participation in the projects. This platform is now also emerging as a virtual real estate as many investors are buying and selling their land day by day.

Sandbox vs Decentraland

The vision of the Sandbox is to Build its gaming metaverse where everything can be monetized. And gaming will be transformed into an entirely different world venue. Whereas, the Decentraland is focused on a virtual world that is simple and monetized.

  • Number of lands

Sandbox is a bigger world when compared based on no. plots available because currently, the sandbox has a space of 1,66,464 plots which is 75,863 plots more than that of decentral and.

  • MarketsĀ 

Currently, users can buy Sandbox from three different markets which are Sandbox LAND sales, OpenSea, and Rarible. Users can choose any of the above-mentioned platforms at their convenience. To buy land in Decentraland users have got two options. The first one is the Decentraland marketplace itself and another one is OpenSea.

  • Tokens Used

Sandbox users the token called SAND this token is used to trade various commodities in the sandbox metaverse. While decentraland uses its inbuilt token called MANA which is an ERC-20 standard token and this token is used as the official currency of the decentraland.

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