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Using the decentralized, unique features of the blockchain, gaming has recently found another frontier called Web3.

It is unlike the previous models, which followed pay-to-earn or free-to-play approaches, as this method of gaming follows “play-to-learn” which is the major reason it has gained popularity in recent years.

There are three games that stand out: Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, and BigTime.

Axie Infinity 

Trading, combat, and Axie breeding are the main game mechanics in Axie Infinity. Each battle in the game is a 3 vs. 3 match with a card-based battle system. A player needs at least one team to play the game, which consists of three Axies with a total of 12 abilities—four on each team—to play.

Players can participate in Player vs. Environment (PvE) or Player vs. Player (PvP) battles in the adventure mode or the arena mode, respectively. Players battle a series of monsters and occasionally bosses in the adventure mode. Arena mode, in contrast, focuses on winning in-game SLP tokens through strategic battles with other players.

Although the gameplay might appear straightforward, the variety of classes and the value of teamwork add layers of complexity and strategy.

How to Earn Through Axie Infinity

Players can earn through consistent gaming and victories in PvP battles. Another method of earning is breeding and trading the Axies which the players can sell on the marketplace. Your profits will depend on the base cryptocurrency’s rate and the game’s performance.

Gods Unchained

Online play for Gods Unchained is cost-free. Here are the detailed directions for playing Gods Unchained:

Pick a God: There are currently 9 gods available in Gods Unchained, each with a distinctive playstyle and set of skills.

Build Your Deck: You must first construct your deck, which calls for a total of 30 cards, after choosing your god. Both individual cards and card packs are available in the God’s Unchained Cardshop as well as in-game stores.

Play the Game: Gods Unchained is a two-player game where each player has a 30-card deck at their disposal. The goal of the game is to kill off all of your opponent’s health.

How to Earn Through Gods Unchained

Participating in tournaments is the most profitable way to make money on Gods Unchained. Players can compete for prizes in these planned events. These tournaments typically have sizable prize pools, making it worthwhile for experienced players to participate.

Players can earn rewards outside of tournaments by just playing the game and finishing quests. Then, these prizes can be exchanged on the market for GODS tokens.

Big Time

Big Time’s procedurally generated dungeons guarantee a unique experience each time you enter. Even returning to the same dungeon multiple times will produce unique maps, obstacles, and enemies. The novelty of these dungeons can wear off over time, even though they theoretically offer replayability and demand quick strategic thinking.

The difficulty of side quests, which must be finished before confronting a dungeon boss, varies. Some involve skill and creativity, while others involve routine tasks like gathering supplies or turning on switches that are guarded by the enemy. These tasks get harder as the players level up. In contrast to typical action RPGs, BigTime does not reward you with noteworthy loot for defeating dungeon bosses.

The majority of the treasure is dropped by common enemies and is randomly dispersed throughout the dungeon, but even these items tend to be upgraded versions of gear you’ve been using since level 1.


The gaming industry’s evolution, driven by Web3 and blockchain technology, blurs virtual and real-world value. Games like Axie Infinity and Gods Unchained create in-game economies where players trade, collect, and earn real rewards. With NFTs and crypto, this future is solidified, marking a new gaming era that’s here to stay.

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