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Rocket pool  Price Prediction: Will RPL Make All-Time Low?

  • The price of Rocket Pool (RPL) is now $36.884249. 
  • The current market value of Rocket Pool (RPL) is $722,061,998.
  • The price of Rocket Pool (RPL) has been below the 20 and 50-day exponential moving averages.

Decentralized staking and the introduction of Ethereum 2.0 are made possible by RPL (Rocket Pool), a decentralized Ethereum blockchain technology. It offers a decentralized network that enables people and organizations, even those with little amounts of Ether (ETH), to take part in Ethereum’s Proof-of-Stake consensus process. The Rocket Pool network’s native cryptocurrency, the RPL token, serves a number of functions inside the protocol, including staking, governance, and paying for network expenses. Please be aware that the information provided is based on knowledge that was available before September 2021, and that the state of RPL and its developments may have altered since that time.

Trend Analysis

With a 30% fall seen, the RPL price forecast is presently on the down. The market is bearish because the long-term trend looks to be negative. RPL’s price has also been moving in a symmetrical channel pattern; it peaked at $69.698689 before dropping by almost 45%. Despite an attempt to break through the resistance level last month, the price failed and turned around, suggesting that there is a strong possibility of an additional decrease toward the support level. Another low might occur if the support level is broken.

Rocket Pool (RPL) Price Prediction

Rocket Pool (RPL) Price Prediction

Source: RPL/USD.1Dby TradingView


RPL is currently trading below both the 20-day and 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) lines, according to the weekly chart’s price projection. This reflects a pessimistic investor mood and a bearish market sentiment, with RPL showing a downward velocity.


Rocket Pool (RPL) is now exhibiting a bearish trend on the daily period, as seen by the MACD line’s placement beneath the signal line. Red histograms show a strengthening of the negative momentum. As a result, it implies that there is a greater possibility of Rocket Pool’s (RPL) price drops continuing in the near future. Traders and investors should carefully evaluate this gloomy forecast before making any Rocket pool (RPL)-related choices.


The weekly period technical indicators for the price projection of Rocket Pool (RPL) indicate a bearish market momentum. The 14-day SMA line, which is well below the median line at about 49.39, and the current RSI value of 33.77, both point to a bearish attitude for Rocket Pool. These findings suggest that Rocket Pool’s price will probably continue to decrease in the near future. 


In conclusion, indicators like MACD, RSI, and EMA reinforce the notion that the overall pattern of the RPL price forecast shows a bearish emotion. Additionally, the development of a negative pattern suggests the potential for a future price decrease. Investors and traders should take precautions and keep a close eye on the RPL market’s fluctuations.

Technical Levels

  • Support – $33.564535.
  • Resistance -$53.996919.


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