What is 11:11 Media by Paris Hilton?

In addition to her fame, Paris Hilton is currently leading the way in media and digital innovations. Together with the well-known media executive Bruce Gersh, Paris Hilton has broadened her interests beyond the bright lights of fame and into the fast-paced worlds of media and technology. Her work with Wow Vegas Social Casino, a sweepstakes platform with whom she recently partnered, demonstrates her willingness to take risks on digital platforms.

Continue reading below to learn everything we know about Hilton’s media company 11:11.

The Story Behind 11:11 Media

Paris Hilton has gone from being a global celebrity icon to a smart businesswoman, and the start of 11:11 Media is a turning point in her life. Co-founded with Bruce Gersh, who brings a wealth of experience from his work at companies like Disney, ABC, and Time Inc., 11:11 Media was conceived as a global media content powerhouse. 

Hilton and Gersh’s partnership has allowed them to leverage their combined industry knowledge to innovate in a variety of media, including digital, audio, TV, publishing, and licensing. From television productions like “Cooking with Paris” to engaging digital projects in the metaverse with Slivingland on Roblox, 11:11 Media’s portfolio is as diverse as it is influential.

What’s more, Paris Hilton’s entry into digital platforms and cryptocurrencies signals a forward-thinking approach to technology and its intersection with celebrity influence. Her involvement in Roblox through the Slivingland experience, which has captivated millions, illustrates her adeptness at engaging with younger audiences in virtual spaces. 

Moreover, her venture into the world of NFTs and collaboration with the Wow Vegas social casino underscore a keen insight into the evolving landscape of digital entertainment and investment.

Additionally, Bruce Gersh’s strategic thinking and business sense have been instrumental in steering the company through the ever-changing media landscape. Gersh’s leadership in operational oversight, content development, and strategic partnerships has bolstered 11:11 Media’s mission to produce content that resonates widely and deeply.

A Future-Forward Approach

In the future, 11:11 Media is likely to change the way media and entertainment are consumed. With over 45 branded stores and 19 product lines generating significant revenue, and ventures that span from fragrances to wellness and even plant-based seafood companies, Paris Hilton’s empire is proof of innovation. The company’s commitment to leveraging global influence for impactful storytelling and digital engagement offers a glimpse into the future of celebrity entrepreneurship in the digital age.

As 11:11 Media continues to expand its horizons, its founders’ vision for a transformative media landscape that embraces the future remains clear and compelling.

Who is Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton, a signature modern celebrity, has remarkably transitioned from her roots as a hotel heiress into a multifaceted entrepreneur, socialite, DJ, and media personality. Born into the Hilton family, known globally for their hotel chain, Paris first captured public attention through her modeling career and her high-profile lifestyle. 

Her fame skyrocketed with the reality TV show “The Simple Life,” co-starring Nicole Richie, which aired in the early 2000s and showcased her charismatic and pink lifestyle.

Beyond reality TV, Paris has proven herself as a successful businesswoman with ventures in the beauty, fashion, and fragrance industries. Her entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop there; she has embraced digital innovation by venturing into NFTs and engaging with the metaverse, solidifying her status as a pioneer among celebrities in the digital realm. 

Paris Hilton’s influence extends beyond entertainment into impactful advocacy, notably in her campaign for reform in boarding schools and treatment centers for teens.

Who is Bruce Gersh?

Before co-founding 11:11 Media, Gersh held the position of Executive Vice President and President of People, Entertainment Weekly, and People en Español at Meredith Corporation. There, he had comprehensive operational oversight of these brands, encompassing aspects such as print, digital, and video content, as well as sales, marketing, and brand business development. Additionally, Gersh managed Four M Studios, Meredith National Media Group’s television production group​.

Gersh’s earlier career includes a tenure as Senior Vice President of Business Development at Disney-ABC Television Group, where he was recognized for his innovative contributions to digital media. His work with the team led to an Interactive Television Emmy in 2006 for “Outstanding Achievement for Enhanced or Interactive Programming: New Delivery Platforms” for the Full Episode Streaming Broadband Player. This achievement shows his role as a strategic thinker and innovator in the digital media space​.

Moreover, Gersh has experience as executive vice president and head of digital, strategy, and branded entertainment at ITV Studios America. In this capacity, he was responsible for brand development and strategic revenue partnerships. His role at ITV Studios America emphasized his expertise in identifying and cultivating revenue opportunities for brand expansions across the studio’s content roster.​

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